Over the last few weeks Wonder Girl has been perfecting her performance skills in order to become a Hollywood starlet. Obviously I have higher aspirations for her like Prime Minister Wonder Girl or space explorer but it’s up to her. She has been very focussed in her practise and when you hear what she can do I’m sure you will agree that it’s only a matter of time before she gets her first Oscar.

Stuntwoman Training; Wonder Girl isn’t one of these wussy artists who gets someone in if they so much as risk breaking a nail. No she plans on doing all her own stunts. So in preparation she has been climbing every raised surface that she can and balancing precariously on the edge. Even the stair gate is no match for my budding stunt woman as she can open it herself (bear in mind she is only one) and climbs the stairs before using her ninja skills to roll down the stairs to the bottom. Some might say falling but my girl is controlled.

Acting Skills : Wonder Girl has been honing her portrayals of emotional states this week. Unsuspecting visitors to the house who delight in her giggle are then treated to no less than five different pitches of fake laughter which Wonder Girl thinks will work brilliantly in her portrayal of either a mad women or evil genius.

Diva Training; Obviously Wonder Girl knows that all great actresses can be temperamental. So despite her normally placid nature she is trying on diva behaviour for size. Try to feed her the wrong kind of yoghurt and she will take the spoon and throw yoghurt all over her PA (or mum whatever term you prefer). Put a stair gate between her and her beloved Daddy and she will show her displeasure at your attitude with a true diva tantrum.

So as you can see Wonder Girl is well on her way to the dizzy heights of Hollywood. Or possibly she may change her mind and start training for a new career , watch this space.