With the summer holidays looming some of you might be thinking about booking a holiday (if you were super organised and have had your holiday booked since January, well done, leave this page and type into google the following “shopping for christmas in August” that will probably hit the site for you). The problem for many of us though is finding a holiday that will suite all the generations of your family without costing more than your annual income. For those of you facing exactly that predicament this is the blog post for you. How to have a family holiday without breaking the bank.

1.Visit people. Most of us have relations or friends who live in other parts of the UK, some of you may even have the same in more exotic locations. Double your family holiday with visiting them and hey presto you have free accommodation ( if the best you get is a sofa or a tent in their garden it is free and an adventure holiday , bonus).

2.Join forces, and resources, with other families. Get a group of friends together and hire an apartment/villa/holiday cottage. This will usually work out a fair whack cheaper. Join together on food and it will be even cheaper. Also if you have the same age children, then your children have instant playmates and you can take it turns to babysit.

3 Keep it simple. Stick to cheap or free activities to entertain yourselves. Playgrounds, beaches and picnics all cost nothing. If it rains head for the local leisure centre and do a family swim for just over a tenner.

4.Voucher codes, supermarket points etc. Do a little research before you go and find deals for eating out, travel, activities and sometimes even the holiday itself. One year my family had entry to a theme park and a meal out at Pizza Express when we exchanged our supermarket points for tickets and food vouchers.

5.Pack snacks and food. Save on expensive beach side/city centre food by being a little bit organised before you go out for the day. Pack a small bag with snacks (cereal bars/crisps/bananas) and sandwiches and you will save a fortune