This week we are on holiday in Cyprus so the theme this week is combining sun safety and funky clothes the children will happily wear. For young children I think UV suits are the best option in the sun, saves applying loads of sticky suntan lotion on wriggling unwilling children. This sunhat is fantastic, my kids have had theirs for three years and the design is still available. It has a tie so younger children don’t pull it off and the sides can be up or down depending on your child’s preference. It is also available in a range of colours.

So Robo Boy do you like your beach look ?  I love it, its red and has a cool car on it, also did you know that I am a robot ?

Er ok Robo Boy so are you having a good holiday ? Yes, I am a robot and I like chocolate ice-cream.

Robo Boy wears: UV suit Mothercare, Cowboy sunhat Toby Tiger.