As anyone who has visited my little corner of the interweb before knows I am a busy mum of three. I have three children to look after and a house to run. Also to keep my mind from becoming cobwebbed and addled I am writing a book, tending to this little blog, and of course baking myself happy. People often ask me (they do honest, and when they do I think wow what a cliche) how I manage it all. In all honesty I’m not sure, but I think its a combo of list writing and multi-tasking.
Research done by British Gas reveals that I’m not the only one multi-tasking. Modern mums are turning to the internet to manage their busy schedules (seven out of ten mums apparently). Completing chores such as paying bills, managing finances, and shopping online and saving time and money.
When I take my children to their activities I can often send a quick email or pay a bill. It means that when I’m with them I have more time to play and be fun mum, and she’s much nicer than stressed out shouty mum.
It’s no suprise to me that the most popular task for mums is buying gifts for the family, possibly alongside a copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey” for themselves. 30% of mums even admitted that an extended period of time without internet access makes them feel anxious, not me though, obviously.
British Gas are making it super easy for mums to manage their energy online. Via their website and super new shiny app you can view your balance, print your bill, enter meter readings, and monitor your energy consumption. In fact via the wonder of the world wide web you can even book and track an engineer, I think they magically teleport through your computer (disclaimer: possibly not).
So there you have it time and money saved, which you gives you more for lounging on a sunbed in the carribean petting dolphins. To sign up for the dolphin petting, oh no hang on for British gas online go to British Gas online.
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