Reward charts can be a useful parenting resource for changing behaviour or encouraging new behaviour. For example I blogged here about using a reward chart to encourage Robo Boy to stay in bed all night. I have also used reward charts with both the boys when I was potty training, one sticker for a wee, two for a poo, parenting really is a delightful business.

I have previously used both home made and shop bought reward charts. So when The Sticker Factory contacted me to see if I would like to try their reward charts and stickers I was pleased to give them a try.

We were sent the mini reward charts. They are designed to be small enough to take out with you, if you need to reward good behaviour whilst out and about. To be honest though I would rather use my reward chart at home and other techniques out and about. I have enough to focus on just getting three children out of the car and to our destination without dealing with charts and stickers. So we put ours on the fridge at home.

The reward charts are brightly coloured and attracted my children’s attention straight away. They were eager to start using them so together we chose challenges for them to work on. My eldest is a fussy eater so we decided he should eat his dinner each day to get his sticker. My middle son is somewhat boisterous with his siblings so we decided on being gentle to get his sticker. They would each get to chose an outing as a reward when they get seven stickers.

The chart is pretty flexible in the way it is laid out, you can do days of the week, or you can just aim for a certain number of stickers, so you award more than one a day if needed. The stickers we we sent are lovely shiny smiley faces, a perfect way to affirm positive behaviour.

I personally think that reward charts are a good occasional parenting tool. Use them too much and they can might become passé. The Sticker Factory charts are great for those times because they look great and are really convenient to use.

*Disclaimer; I was sent the reward charts and stickers for the purposes of this review. My opinions as always are my own.