The end of term is approaching fast. Just nine more days until the six week holiday. It is traditional at the end of the school year to give your teachers gifts to say thank you. I have a son in reception class and a son in preschool. This means a potential six teacher’s gifts as there are three members of staff in each class, and I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

Even if I only spent £5 per teacher that would add up to £30 which is a big chunk of my weekly household budget. So I have been wracking my brains for gift ideas that cost less.

Bake; my children love baking so it will be fun for them to make their teachers cupcakes. I will get them to go to town on the decorations and show the teacher how much they care. I think baked goods probably go down a real treat in the staffroom.

Club together with other parents; In a class of thirty children even if every parent only gave £2 that would get each teacher in the class a decent gift. I think gift cards are a great idea then the teacher can treat themselves during the holiday to something they really want. A lovely way to say thank you.

Get creative; children love making things so how about a personal home made gift. Glass Jars can be painted with glass paint to make wonderful lanterns or how about a bookmark made using photographs from the school year in collage.

Keep it simple; I genuinely think a teacher appreciates a simple thank you best, like a lovely homemade card. If your child can write get them to write about their teacher inside, the teacher is sure to love it.