When I started writing this blog my passion for writing grew and become all encompassing, I was loving pouring my thoughts into words and sharing them with you lot. At the same time a tiny spark was being ignited for another way of sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I was unintentionally becoming passionate about photographs, and with it photography.

I never in a million years imagined that this would happen, I have never been interested in photography as anything more than a way to record events. However this spark was kindled by taking photographs for the blog and becoming more interested in how they looked and whether they conveyed what I wanted them too.

Recently I have started feeling limited by the fact that the only camera I had was my iPhone camera. I was trying to photograph Deer in the distance and it was not happening. I wanted to catch my children in action but the iPhone was always a second to late. So I have taken the plunge and invested in a digital SLR. I have a feeling this may turn the spark into a full blown fire. Whatever happens it will mean I have pictures for my children to keep of their childhood and that alone is worth the investment.

So I wanted to share my favourite photo’s from the last week.