This week I had two great opportunities to play with my camera. The first, Robo Boy’s sports day, was brilliant fun. He loved every race, and the buzz of the whole thing. He even stopped mid race to pose for the camera.

Then in this hilarious moment Robo Boy took the initiative (some might say cheated but I’m his mum) and held onto the bean bag rather than balance it for extra speed. His little competitor took one look and decided “if you can’t beat em join em” to everyone’s hilarity.

This weekend we attended the Foodies Festival at Bristol harbour side. It was a lovely event with food to sample, a market, live music and cookery demonstrations. Super Kid took part in a cookery class and made his own fruit tart, which he thoroughly enjoyed including the eating afterwards.

We all has a delicious lunch. I tried Gin with lavender infused in a rather yummy cocktail. I browsed the food market and picked up a few yummy things to take home then finally Robo Boy discovered he likes mango ice-cream.

As we headed home I was proud to see the people of Bristol in a peaceful demonstration opposing the EDL (and rightly so in my opinion). In a moving gesture people of all races scattered flowers in the fountains in the centre of Bristol.