I have always loved the smell of Palmers Cocoa Butter. I had a housemate when I was at circus school who always smelled of it. Since she was exotic and beautiful I imagined that if I smeared myself in it  I too would be exotic and beautiful, optimistic I know but a girl can dream. Imagine how pleased I was when I was sent this lot to review;

I am the first to admit my beauty routine is pretty basic. Soap and water and a tinted moisturiser and I’m good to go. A beauty blogger I am not. However I often wonder whether I should get a little more girly and incorporate a few more products into my routine.

Fake tan is one such product, I am very very white,  you can see all my veins through my skin, pale and interesting I like to say. That said I do think curves and wobbles look better tanned than not, so I was defiantly up for trying the natural bronze moisturiser that Palmers sent me.  So after my shower each day I dutifully smeared myself in the product and hoped for a California glow. This stuff works, it gradually builds up a nice natural looking tan. In the interests of honesty though I will admit it may need to applied with a little more care than I gave it, as I did have a few streaks and darker bits where I hadn’t spread it evenly enough.

The exfoliating products they sent freaked me out slightly. I have always been a little unnerved by dead skin, and the idea of exfoliating it makes me a bit squeamish. First I tried the facial scrub which smelled heavenly and made me feel fresh faced and squeaky clean, lovely. So feeling a little braver I gave the body scrub a go in my shower. Again fantastic results, soft skin combined with a lovely cocoa butter scent. I smothered myself in the UVA/UVB protection moisturiser which saves time on sun cream and felt like an exotic goddess. On leaving the house a quick peek in the mirror revealed that I was still me and not my more attractive friend but I did smell lovely and felt a little bit pampered so who cares.

*Dislcaimer ; I was sent these products by Palmers for the purposes of this review. My opinions and streaky bits are as always my own.