I have always been pretty enthusiastic about exercise and keeping fit. Firstly as a dancer, then a circus artist it was important for me to be fit and healthy for my work. This meant I could justify gym memberships, workout clothing, and exercise classes. Now as a mum of three and a writer I cannot justify paying for exercise. It is still important to me to be fit, for my body and my mind. I have had to be inventive in finding ways to exercise for less. Here are my top five tips;

1. Running; all you need to start running is a decent pair of trainers and some loose fitting clothing. Ok so the initial investment in the trainers isn’t cheap but after that every session is free. Start small doing some running and some walking and build up to calorie busting, cardio healthy running sessions.
Here is a great article on starting to run

2.Exercise DVD”s; If you hit the Amazon sales an exercise DVD will barely make a dent in your wallet. Then you have bargain training sessions in the comfort of your own home whenever you want.

3.Be inventive; Devise your own workout using what you already have in your home. Run up and down your stairs, jump on your children’s trampoline, grab some baked bean cans and do some bicep curls. Devise yourself a circuit and build up your strength and stamina.

4.Skipping; A skipping rope costs pence, and is a fab way to exercise. Great for cardio fitness and fantastic fun, you can even learn tricks and be the envy of your children.

5.Walk, walk, walk; walking is the ultimate bargain exercise. It costs nothing and is a great low impact work out. Pick some nice routes and walk for half an hour three times a week.