This week I spent some time learning how the different elements in the manual setting on my camera works. I am doing a skill share with a friend who is a wedding photographer (check out his site here). I am helping him learn how to use social media and he is teaching me how to use my camera.

So my head is swimming with information about depth of field, shutter speed and aperture, and I’m not entirely sure how to take what I know and turn it into a decent picture.

Here are my favourite pics from the week.

I found this lovely patch of wild flowers in an unlikely spot tucked away in an ally tucked between two houses in the city.

Purple hubby has a habit of pulling unnatural forced faces whenever I point the camera at him. I was really pleased to catch this natural shot, check out that chin dimple !

Last weekend we popped to Jurassic Park, luckily none of the Dino’s were feeling peckish.

As you can see we have had a wonderful week. The summer holidays are such a good chance to relax with no timetable and have lots of adventures. Hope you are all having a fun summer too.