A new picture has taken pride of place on the mantlepiece in our home. The illustration of Gandalf (Lord Of The Rings) that used to occupy that spot is sulking on a different wall. Other pictures in my home hoping to get some mantlepiece action post Gandalf are positively disgruntled. This is the picture that came straight into our house and stole the top spot.

It is a beautiful picture of the sunrise on the day that our little girl was born. The clever folks at The Day That have been taking photos of the sunrise on the south west coast every day since 2005. So if you have a special date such as a baby’s birth, or wedding anniversary you can commemorate it with a photograph beautifully framed in a wood of your choice.

When the picture arrived I mentally went back to the day that Wonder Girl was born. I remember it was a sunny day, and her birth was wonderful (well as wonderful as horrendous pain, followed by a 9 ib 7 baby being delivered naturally will allow). She came out this amazing perfect little person, content and mellow from the first moment. I had an wonderful sense of my family being complete and with that calm and fulfilment.

That night on the post natal ward, as new first time mothers coped with the whirlwind of their new babies, I got to enjoy the peace and calmness that a third time mother experiences. We snuggled in the bed feeding, dozing and gazing at each other, it literally stands out as one of my favourite nights ever.

This picture will remind of that day (and night) which is a wonderful, it would make a great gift for any parent.

*Disclaimer I was given this framed picture for the purposes of this review. My opinions as always are my own.