Every now and then an email pops into my inbox which causes me to jump up and down and babble inanely. I received such an email a little while ago inviting me and my family to attend and review Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show. I love Disney, having grown up listening to tales from my well travelled granny who went to Disneyland every year. She would bring me home Mickey t-shirts and Mickey ears and tell me all about her adventures.

Fast forward twenty something years and I have been to Disneyland in Florida and Paris. I own every Pixar movie ever made and still love Disney. So the invite to see a live show was pretty exciting. I took my mother in law and my two eldest children to the show at the Cardiff Millennium Centre. It’s a pretty big theatre and we had great seats so we settled in ready to be entertained.

First we were greeted by the shows magicians Brad and Benny. Benny is struggling to perform magic and needs Mickey and the gang to help to build his confidence and help him   “find the magic inside”. After that we meet the Disney characters in the show, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy. Robo Boy leaned over and whispered to me “he sounds just like Donald Duck”.

The show is packed with lots of fabulous illusions. My children’s favourite was the double sawing the person in half performed by Brad and Benny, it is a lovely take on a classic trick. It finishes with the assistants swapping legs and when they emerge they are each wearing the others trousers, which was pretty amazing.

My favourite trick was the levitation of Princess Jasmine. I honestly don’t know how this trick works, and it was presented beautifully to gasps from the audience. All the sequences combine brilliant illusions with disney songs, lovely sets and of course the well loved Disney characters.

I think this show is ideal for children aged three to ten and of course there Disney crazy parents. There are four more stops on the tour;

Sheffield : 14th/15th of August.

Newcastle Upon Tyne: 17th – 19th of August.

Brighton: 23rd-26th of August.

Liverpool; 29th -31st of August

Tickets for these shows are available from ticketmaster.

*Disclaimer; we were given tickets to see Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show for the purposes of this review. My opinions as always are my own.