The first Ella’s Kitchen pouches came out around the time that my eldest Super Kid was born. They quickly became my go to baby food as they are so handy to take out, resealable (which prevents loads of waste) and Super Kid loved them. Moving on nearly six years and another two babies later I have to admit I don’t really buy a lot of baby food. I tend to just give my babies a little of what I am having. I do however still buy the odd Ella’s Kitchen pouch for when we are out and about. So when they contacted me asking if my children would like to review the new dairy range we jumped at the chance.


The new range is tailored specifically to each stage of the weaning process so there is not confusion over when to introduce what. As always the products are 100% organic and contain no artificial colours, flavours or sugars. This is a top priority for our family, as I strongly believe in the direct link between food and health and want my children to appreciate naturally sweetened healthy desserts.

As my children are older than one anyway they were able to try the full range straight away. First they tried the smooth and scrummy fromage frais, which are ideal from four months onwards. All the children wolfed them down and demanded that I buy more so they were a total hit.

Next they tried the teeny creamy rice pudding with vanilla, ideal from seven months. I have to admit these were not such a hit, perhaps because the older children are accustomed to sweeter rice pudding, and Wonder Girl is a little funny about lumpy things. In the interests of fair testing I gave one a try and as I don’t eat sugar I found them delicious and will probably buy these in future as I’d imagine the children will get used to the more subtle sweetness.

Finally we tried the chilled out thick and fruity yoghurt, ideal from 12 months. Again all the children loved these, the flavours were delicious and the texture perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these for the school packed lunches.

We loved the new range and I will certainly buy the desserts again. I don’t think these puds are just for weaning, I think they are a great alternative for everyone who wants an alternative to the overly sweetened fair usually available in the supermarket.

Disclaimer : we were sent vouchers for the Ella’s Kitchen dairy range. Our opinions are, as always, our own.

*Super Kid is five, Robo Boy is four, and Wonder Girl is 15 months and they all loved the puddings.