My husband introduced me to soda crystals and they really are a fabulous money saving cleaning product. They cost very little (90p for 1kg at the time of writing) and have loads of uses around the home.

You can use soda crystals to :

Unblock drains – every month or so pour soda crystals down the your plug holes and wash away with warm water to banish grime and grease.

Carpets – shake soda crystals over your carpets at night before you go to bed. In the morning hoover it away for fresh smelling carpets.

Cleaning moss and algae off decking – Use a mix of soda crystals and water and a soft brush and easily scrub your decking clean.

Cleaning – Make a mix of soda crystals and water (see side of pack for quantities) and use the mixture to clean grease away. Worktops, cooker hoods, pots and pans, everything will be gleaming after this.

Laundry – add a few teaspoons to your detergent draw and not only will your clothes be cleaner but the drains will get a clean too.

Cleaning silver jewellery – Make a solution of soda crystal and water and wash your silver jewellery for virtually nothing.

This really is a brilliant low cost cleaning product. If you have any other uses for soda crystals then leave me a comment to share it with my readers.