Today I took the children to the shops to pick up a few bits and pieces. As I browsed my local Mothercare my children started playing with an offensively pink toy, so I took a look at it. What I saw prompted me to write this blog post, here is the Fisher Price laugh and learn magical musical mirror ;

If you would like to read more details it is available on Amazon. Basically it’s a vanity mirror with a comb, powder puff, lipstick and two bracelets. It has a lift up flap that in the time I looked at it said to me “you’re pretty”. Oh and it is aimed at six months plus. So we are basically talking about a vanity mirror for babies/toddlers to role play putting on make-up after which they are told they “look pretty”. Is it just me or is this all kinds of wrong ??

As the mother of a 15 month old girl this is not the message I want to send to her, or any of the future generation of young women. I want my daughter to grow up with strong self esteem, to love her body (and her face) for it’s own unique beauty. I want her to prioritise love, strength, intelligence, compassion, kindness, in fact many many qualities over beauty.

I feel so strongly about this that I would like this product (and preferably others like it) taken off the shelf. I know that I can’t stop her eventually reading magazines, watching television and being sold vanity as an older child, hopefully by then she will already be able to see it for what it is. However as a toddler, to be exposed to that is totally unnecessary and, I have to repeat myself this is a rant, all kinds of wrong !!

If you feel the same way please share this post wherever you can, perhaps we can get the attention of Fisher Price and at least in a small way make a difference.

*Amended. I have had a lot of responses to this post talking about play make up sets remembered from childhood and dressing up in mums clothes. Just to be clear I also played with make up as a child, I painted my nails and played with lipstick. The point is I was at least 3+ at the time. You have no memory of being six months old, so you don’t remember being given make up at that age, I doubt you would have been.

What it is that I strongly object to here is the age range that this product is being marketed to. Do you really want your six month old learning about make up ? Do you really want your toddler’s first words to be ‘lipstick’ or ‘you’re pretty’ ? Perhaps I’m out on a limb here, it feels a little like I am, please share your thoughts folk.