I love writing my blog, it is deeply satisfying to be able to put my thoughts in text and share them with the world, well you lot at least. One of the bonuses of blogging is that I get to try products relevant to my readers and share what I think about them with you. As my blog has grown so have the offers of things to try.

Since I don’t want to flood your email, clutter your facebook timeline, twitter feed or google + feed with review after review I have a plan. On busy weeks review wise I will do a roundup of the best stuff I was sent.  On less busy weeks, well no reviews and perhaps a post about pixies instead ?

Anyway first up a couple of great options for those of you wanting to get their photos printed onto canvas. Since I got my SLR I have really fancied some photos of the children blown up to decorate my walls. Firstly HelloCanvas approached me to offer me a photo canvas of my choice, I went for this picture;

I absolutely love this canvas, its great quality and looks brilliant on my wall. The service was fantastic, I sent the photo over to print and it literally arrived two days later. It has pride of place over the family dining table and it makes me smile every time I see it. If you want to have a canvas printed then I would highly recommend HelloCanvas.

Then, well, as they say you wait for a bus and two come at once, apparently this works with canvas prints also. Not two days later the lovely folk at Photo Canvas canvas printing in London also offered me a canvas. They offer a number of options including a photo montage, so I decided to give that a try and this is the result ;

It’s a lovely canvas and the montage option is a nice idea. They have a tool on their site which helps you to create your montage. However I couldn’t get it to work, at all, which admittedly could have been down to incompetence on my part. Anyway a few emails later and they sorted it out for me brilliantly, and sent me the canvas which is great.

Finally we got send a treat for Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl is a girl who loves her shoes, she will literally pick them out of the shoe bucket (yes bucket, don’t judge) , carry them to me and smile. When Skeanie offered me a pair of shoes for one of the children I knew it had to be her. Here they are;

Im sure you will agree that these boots are cute! I actually got a size too big so they will fit in autumn/winter and I can already imagine her in little knitted dresses, chunky tights and these boots. Perfect for winter, fur lined and comfortable, she could work as Santa’s elf in these.

Skeanies are not just cute, they are good for your little ones foot development. Here is the information I found on their site;

  • Approved by the Australian Podiatry Association and top podiatrists from around the world
  • The SKEANIE shoes are designed to aid natural and healthy foot development
  • SKEANIE shoes feature a number of unique design features, including a wider toe section allows children’s feet to ‘fan’ and flex-ease technology
  • The unique SKEANIE sole design is ultra flexible and provides high levels of grip
  • All SKEANIE products are designed in Australia and are made in fair trade conditions in China
  • SKEANIE products are made of super-soft, high-quality eco-leather

I love these boots and have already recommended them to all my real life mummy friends for their children.

*Disclaimer; I was sent the products featured here for the purposes of my reviews. My opinions as always are my own.