Last weekend we went to our first festival as a family. In our pre-children, circus days we went to lots of festivals and considered them an essential part of the summer. Since then either I have been pregnant or we have had a young baby every summer. So we have not made it to one, though it will be on the agenda as the children get older.

Anyway to break us all in slowly we went to a one day festival, Lollibop a fantastic festival for children under ten. I really didn’t know what to expect from a festival for children but once there it really did have that essential festival vibe. That feeling that around every corner was something wonderful, creative, magical or fun to explore.


This beautiful creature was the first of such finds. My children were captivated by the sight of their first ever fire breathing dragon.

Then we headed for the 3ft and under area. Especially created for the littlest Lollibop visitors this area was a haven for our youngest two. There was soft play, slides, toys, and classes aimed at this age group running all day long. Wonder Girl fell in love with this slide and played on it for ages.

After a quick lunch we decided to split up as Super Kid wanted to explore the Moshi Monsters area (he is a big Moshi fan) and Robo Boy wanted to see Mr Maker. I went to see Mr Maker with Robo Boy and couldn’t resist singing along to “I am a shape” with the little ones.

Finding each other after our adventures we decided it was time for a chill and an ice-cream to regroup.

After chillin for a fair while in the sun soaking up the festival feeling we headed out again and saw this;

Then the boys painted pottery and made models out of clay while Wonder Girl and I had a little browse of the festival shopping area ( I was seriously tempted by a monkey tail) before heading home.

Lollibop was an amazing event that I certainly hope we are fortunate enough to attend in the future. The children had a brilliant time, and are still full of memories of their adventures.

* Super Kid is five, Robo Boy is three and Wonder Girl is 15 months.

*We were given tickets for Lollibop for the purposes of this review, as always my opinions are my own.