Poppy Cat is a television program aimed at preschoolers that can be found on Nick Jr and CITV. I have to admit we have never watched it but with two preschoolers in the house I jumped at the chance to review the first ever Poppy Cat DVD “Poppy Cat Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures”. It is due for release on the 3rd September.

I initially put it on for Wonder Girl while the boys were upstairs playing, however she was quickly joined by them both and they settled in to watch. It was a big hit, even Super Kid (5) officially too old was keen to watch the whole DVD.

Each episode is eleven mins long and follows the adventures of Poppy Cat and her friends. If you recognise Poppy’s voice that’s because its Joanne Page best known as Stacey from “Gavin and Stacey”. The stories are engaging and the animation is lovely, we will definitely be watching this DVD repeatedly. All in all Poppy cats first DVD gets a big thumbs up from my children.

*Disclosure; we were sent a copy of Poppy Cat DVD for the purposes of this review. My opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.