Literally the best thing about blogging for me is the events that my family and I get invited too, experiences we otherwise would not have had. So when Smart Shoppers UK invited us all to visit Hackney City Farm and take part in some great workshops we were very excited.

The children had a brilliant time doing crafts, playing with balloon models and touring the farm. In the meantime I had a chance to take part in a ‘make your own beauty products’ workshop. It was fantastic and totally opened my eyes to how much more cheaply I can make spa quality beauty products to use at home and also to give as gifts. We made a few different products but my favourite that I will share with you is the Spa Style Face Mask. Here’s how we did it;


Clay of your choice, we used Kaolin, Red Argiletz and Rhassoul but basically go here and choose whichever will best suit your skin.

1 strawberry

A small piece of banana

Double cream or yoghurt

To Make;

This part is so easy, basically mash up the banana and the strawberry and mix with the clay. Then add the cream or yoghurt until it’s the right consistency.

To Use;

Spread the clay mask over your face ( avoiding the eye area) and leave for ten mins. I recommend relaxing in the bath to complete the spa experience. Wash off, pat face dry and admire your new youthful complexion (*disclaimer; we cannot guarantee exactly how many years this mask will take off you).

After this fantastic workshop all the bloggers in attendance shared their money saving tips which I’m sure will be added to the Smart Shopper UK Facebook page. Smart Shoppers UK is a one stop shop of money saving tips and ideas, they even have a new app making it super easy to find new ways of saving money.

*Disclaimer; Smart Shoppers paid for us to travel to London and visit Hackney City Farm. This post and my opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.