Voucher codes can be a really great way to save money. I get my voucher codes from here and here. If you are organised they are a brilliant way to have what you want for less, if you are not then the codes can end up costing you money.  Here are the dos and don’ts of using voucher codes.

Don’t …

Use a voucher code on an item or activity that you wouldn’t otherwise have spent money on. If you find yourself tempted by the offers on your preferred voucher code site you can end up spending more money that if you hadn’t visited in the first place.

Go out and forget your voucher code. Sounds simple but how many of us have left the house only to find we haven’t got the code and had to pay full price. Either print off the code beforehand or use an app which enables you to access the code while you’re out.

Do …

Get organised. Before you go shopping or for a day out plan what you are going to do, which stores you are going to visit. Then check online for voucher codes and fit them around your plans, this is without a doubt the best way to use voucher codes.

Check the terms and conditions. Often voucher codes for restaurants aren’t valid at weekends, or on bank holidays, It’s best to check before you end up having to pay more than you banked on at the till.

Use voucher codes for restaurants, cinema, bowling, shopping, holidays, well pretty much most things. I even found a voucher code to use when I MOTd my car. If you are organised you can find a voucher code for pretty much anything.