Groupon is a deal of the day website offering deals on things to do, see, and eat in your area. I have always been curious about Groupon, even got as far as downloading the Groupon app for my phone, watched it for a few days and did no more. That is until now, Groupon offered me a voucher so that I could try out the site and get myself a deal.


Initially I was excited, and started scanning the deals daily to see what Groupon had to offer. Then I arranged a daily deal roundup email which pinged into my inbox each morning tempting me with an array of offers. Then I got a bit stressed possibly because I was under pressure to buy something/anything in order to review Groupon. I was a little like a child in a sweet shop, so many offers, what to pick. Also I’m not a believer in buying for discounts sake, that is if I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place it’s not money saving.

So I waited, I think thats the key to using Groupon for real money saving. Check in regularly and if you see something genuinely useful for you then hit that buy button. So I waited and a few days later my offer appeared. I have always been curious about Slendertone abdominal belts. I think it’s because I am an apple shape and no matter what I do I always have a little pot belly, looking around four months pregnant all the time. So I wanted to try this belt to see if it might tone my tum.

So I clicked buy and entered my details and the next part was easy and simple. I received my voucher code from Groupon, headed to the Slendertone website, entered my code and my belt was on its way. The belt arrived literally days later and I was eager to try it. For those of you that have given birth and used a tens machine, Slendertone is a tens for your tum. It sends an electrical current to your muscles making them contract and therefore become toned and all six pack like (apparently).

I eagerly put my belt on and then experienced exactly what you would imagine would happen if you gave your tummy muscles an electric shock. I then took off the belt to check it without turning it off and gave my arm an electric shock much to my children’s amusement. It isn’t particularly pleasant initially but I have to admit, a week into using it, you do get used to it. I have taken measurements and will be eagerly awaiting the inch loss results in around six weeks time.

So Groupon did exactly what it said on the tin, provided a wide variety of deals for me to chose from. Then took payment and arranged my voucher efficiently and easily. I would recommend this website to bargain hunters everywhere. The Slendertone probably isn’t for everyone but if it works I will overlook the fact that it feels like I am being mildly electrocuted around my middle. Sorry to say I am that vain. I will keep you posted, and if anyone has every used one of these devices please share your experiences.