On Saturday I went up to London to go to the Savoo Save Up conference. Savoo are a money saving community with a website where you can get voucher codes to help you save money in all areas of your life. As you know I am a big fan of using voucher codes, I blogged about it here. The great thing about Savoo is they offer personalisation, which basically means that you tell them where you usually spend your money and they find the best deals for you.

Savoo also have a community and forums and I am enlisted as one of their Deal Pro’s. Basically I share my money saving expertise with the sites community, helping to find the best deals and offering money saving tips. On Saturday Savoo got all their Deal Pro’s together to share ideas and get to know each other so that we can help you save even more money.

Money saving tips were shared including a talk from one of the people behind My Supermarket. This is a fabulous site which links up to all the major online supermarkets. You do your usual online food shop through the site and they helps you find not only the best deals on each product but also the cheapest supermarket for you to use. If like me you prefer a particular supermarket, thats ok, you can just let My Supermarket help you find the best deals from that store.

They even helps with the confusion of which deals are good deals. They do this by price checking products throughout the year to find out whether each deal really is offering the best price for that product. This means supermarkets can no longer fool us with ‘special offers’ which are either the same or more expensive than the average cost of the product throughout the year.

Attending the conference really helped inspire me in new ways to continue as a thrifty blogger. I am considering including a best deal of the week into MSM (with a voucher code) for you each week. So I’m handing it over to you. What money saving advice would be most useful to you, leave me a comment with ideas for what you would like to see each week on MSM.