I started this blog for a number of reasons. Since becoming a mother I had noticed how fleeting each moment in my children’s lives were. In the blink of an eye they had moved onto the next stage. I wanted to record those moments so we could look back on them together as the children grow.

The other reason was a little more complex. Since quitting work as a circus artist, more due to circumstance than a desire to quit, I had noticed a worm of dissatisfaction creeping in. It’s not that I don’t love being a mum and I feel privileged to be able to stay at home with them, its great that I saw all their firsts. However I needed more, I feel bad even admitting that but it’s true.

I needed to use my brain in a different way, to remember the person I was before I had the kids. The girl who could make  her friends crack up with my daft sense of humour. The girl who over analysed things. The girl who sang to the radio and danced when she thought no-one was looking. I needed that girl to co-exist alongside the mother I had become. That’s where blogging came in.

So I started my little blog, and it has brought me so much pleasure, and even more satisfaction. I have written through my mental health problems, getting support and offloading my feelings via my computer. I have shared my funny moments, admitting to the world that sometimes my parenting sucks and hopefully making people laugh at my insanity (and my pixies).

The other thing that has come out of blogging that I didn’t expect was the product reviews and the experiences I have been lucky enough to be offered. Today I am headed on one such adventure. Unbelievably Cow & Gate are taking me to the Czech Republic.

I am going to meet their apple farmer and find out what goes into their baby food. Having been a baby led weaner this opportunity seems a little bonkers. However I always respect other peoples rights to bring up their children the way they want to, provided it is done with love and respect. So with that in mind I would like to see exactly what goes into those little jars they sell in the supermarket, that some mothers are feeding to our precious next generation.

I have questions, I am not  jumping on a free plane and compromising my every principle. I want to know why Cow & Gate are farming their apples in the Czech Republic and not here, when we have great apple farmers here in the UK ?

I also want to know why not organic apples ? I am not someone who buys all Organic for my family, since it is more expensive and frankly we don’t have the budget. I’m also not massively educated on the pros and cons for organic food. For that reason it would be interesting to hear why they have made that choice.

I open this up to you, what should I be asking Cow & Gate, leave a comment and I will ask for you. I will be leaving shortly but taking my trusty iPad to check whilst I’m gone. When I return I will post my findings and the answers to your questions.