Mission: Explore Food is the fourth in the series of Mission: Explore books. Written Collaboratively by a team of geography teachers, artists, therapists, and explorers. This book helps children explore their relationship with food. It includes chapters on growing, harvesting, cooking, eating, waste and soil. So the child looks at the whole process from growth to plate and then what happens to the waste.

When I was offered this book to review for Super Kid my first thought was that it couldn’t be more ideal. He is massively enthusiastic about science and reading at the moment, on top of that he has a difficult relationship with food. I am keen to encourage exploration to help him develop a better relationship.

At five he is at the lower end of the age range for this book, but there is still plenty for him to do. The book consists of information about food, combined with challenges for your child to complete. Once completed there is a check list in the back of the book so that they can see their progress.

The challenges are varied, from  designing a scarecrow to eating leftovers. I have to admit some of the challenges are a little too in depth and time consuming for us to realistically find time to do. That doesn’t matter too much though as we can dip in and find what suits us. I would imagine as a school textbook this wouldn’t be a problem because it would be easier to complete the more complicated missions in a school environment.

I think this book is really different to other science or food books that Super Kid already has. It’s less prescriptive, and really puts your child in control of their learning, which I think is great. I can see us using this book for a few years with Super Kid dipping in and out to find new things to learn and try.

*Disclaimer : We were sent a copy of the book for the purposes of my review. 

*Super Kid is five.