There is no denying that running a car is expensive. With fuel costs at an all time high, plus tax, insurance and running costs, owning a car is costly. My car is incredibly useful as with three children public transport is a headache and we are a family who like to get around.

This means I need to run it efficiently, making it as cheap to drive as possible. So here are my top five tips for keeping the cost of driving down.

1. Driving speed :- Driving speed and consistency massively affect fuel consumption. Basically the best thing to do is find a comfortable (legal) speed and maintain it. If you are forever speeding up and slowing down your fuel consumption will be higher. Obviously if you always drive really fast your fuel consumption will rocket.

2.Only carry what you need :- We use a roof box when we go away with the children. We remove it when we are not using it because if we don’t the extra drag will increase fuel consumption. Keep your vehicle as light as possible and keep your fuel consumption down.

3 Drive only when you need to :- I only use the car when I need to. I shop online and locally. I walk places and try to visit local parks, cafe’s etc so that we don’t have to get in the car more than is needed. Naturally the less you drive the less fuel and wear and tear on your car, the cheaper your running costs.

4. Get the best deal on fuel :- I have an iPhone app which keeps me updated as to which of my local garages is selling the cheapest fuel. I also keep an eye out for vouchers from supermarkets where if you spend over a certain amount they give you 5p off per litre of fuel.

5.Get the best deal on MOTs and maintenance :- Often voucher deal websites carry vouchers for money off repairs and MOTs so make sure you check. Also if you regularly use a local garage and build up a relationship with them you will often find that they keep the prices as low as possible for their regulars.

Those were my top five tips for keeping the cost of driving down. If you have any other tips them do share them with me, I’m always open to new ways to save money. Just leave me a comment.