A couple of weeks ago I was invited to my local Neal’s Yard store for a blogger event. I was treated to a relaxing hand massage, a glass of wine and a chance to sniff, sample and admire their beautiful presented wares.

The main focus of the event was promotion of the Neal’s Yard ‘Bee Lovely and Help Save the Bees’ campaign. To give you some back ground let me tell you about the current situation with our population of bees;

Bee populations are in rapid decline all over the world, in fact in Britain our bee population is declining faster than anywhere else in Europe. There are more than 250 bee species under threat with two species of bumblebee already extinct. Bees are amongst the main pollinators (along with moths, butterflies and hoverflies ) of British crops.

To put it simply without bees British agriculture would suffer a huge financial loss. In addition our whole ecosystem would be devastated with huge repercussions for bird and animal populations.

There are three reasons our bee populations are struggling. Firstly a lack of wild flowers and hedgerows. Secondly the use of pesticides, and finally modern beekeeping methods which affect the bees immune system and make them vunerable to disease.

Here’s what you can do to help;

-Let some of your garden grow wild to create a safe haven for bees.

-Buy organic or pesticide free produce whenever possible.

-Buy chemical free, unfiltered honey from a local beekeeper.

-Plant bee friendly herbs and wild flowers in any spare patch of land.

Neal’s Yard have produced the Bee Lovely collection which is good for anyone aged three or above to use. It contains organic honey and orange and mandarin essential oils. Neils For every purchase from this range Neal’s Yard will donate 5% to their partner charities to help save the bees.