My family love playing games, it’s such a great way to bring us all together, relax and have fun. When Netmums asked if we’d like to review three games by Mattel we didn’t hesitate to say yes. The first game we tried was Junior Scrabble :

This game is suitable from five years upward. The board is nice, bright and appealing. It’s double sided and there are two different games to play. The first is for younger children, who have to match the letters to the pictures. This is a great way to start playing scrabble, the children get the idea of the game and also begin to learn about making words and spelling.

The other side of the board is for older children who can make the words by themselves. We didn’t try this side as my eldest is five, but when he’s old enough it will be a good progression meaning the game will be played for years.

We really enjoyed playing Junior Scrabble, it is ideal for my five year old Super Kid, and with a little help even my (nearly) four year old Robo Boy managed to join in.

The next game we tried was Chameleon Crunch:

Chameleon Crunch is officially the craziest game I have ever played. Basically you have to feed the blue chameleon from a range of different bugs. You choose to play by colour or bug type (great for teaching colours, counting and matching). Each player has a type or colour to feed. Sounds fairly simple until you factor in a crazy chameleon who whizzes round the room, burping bugs out of his mouth as he goes.

I had four children in absolute stitches of laughter chasing the chameleon around the room, trying to feed him their bugs. No-one really even cared who had won because we were laughing so much. We played again and again as it was such good fun. I would recommend this game wholeheartedly as a brilliant short game for any age group.

The final game we tried was Roboto Uno:

Roboto Uno is a fun take on the classic card game in which you match cards by colour and type. The game comes with a talking robot who interrupts your game with fun challenges. There is also the option to add house rules (such a snort like a pig or dance like a chicken) meaning you can personalise and change your game every time.

Officially for aged 7 plus we decided to give it a go even though my children are younger.  My five year old, Super Kid, had no problems and even my (nearly) four year old Robo Boy managed to play with a little help. The only problem we had was that the robots commands can be a little quiet and quick, but we soon figured out it has a replay button if you miss what it says.

After learning how the game is played we all really liked it and we will definitely be playing it again and again. I’d say this game is good for children and adults alike.

* Super Kid is five and Robo Boy is three (nearly four).

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