I love halloween, as far as I’m concerned it’s a brilliant opportunity to dress up, be silly with the kids, and perhaps even throw a party. This year the purple family will be throwing a halloween party, playing some games, eating some spooky inspired food and finishing up with trick or treating.

The first thing on my party to do list is sorting out the costumes. Now, you may be the crafty type, you might be a whizz with a needle and thread, if so go crazy and make a fabulous home made costume. I however am useless at all things craft and will be buying my children’s costumes.

In the past I have left this task until a week before Halloween, headed to my local shopping centre and found nothing left but a stray witches hat and a plastic bat. So this year I will not make this mistake. My top halloween tip is buy the costumes now, have the pick of the selection and some well dressed ghouls, vampires, witches and bats in your home.

In fact I have found a fab selection of halloween costumes on the Littlewood’s website, take a peek. While you’re there have a look around, Littlewood’s online shopping is easy, convenient and they sell loads, from children’s clothing to electricals. My personal favourite costume is this adorably cute little bat.



So once you have sorted out your children’s costumes (and don’t forget yourself, the kids love seeing mum and dad getting into the spirit) then check back here. I will be posting a number of helpful halloween posts over the next few weeks with recipe ideas galore (love the word galore and almost never get to use it). In the meantime stay spooky.

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