My second son would not sleep, at all, ever. Ok so sometimes he would drop off mid feed on my lap, and I would carry him up the stairs. I would slowly carefully lay him in his cot, careful to leave my hand touching him to help him settle back to sleep. What seemed like hours later I would slowly remove my hand, and the minute that last finger left his beautiful little body he would awaken with a really irritated expression and a howl.

This was hard, really, really hard to handle. I had a two year old running around desperate for some attention. I was massively sleep deprived since he didn’t sleep at night either. This torture went on for around nine, very long, months.

Around that time, as if the call centres of the world had received a memo, I started getting a lot more sales calls. I briefly worked in a call centre in my younger days, it was horrid, so I don’t like to be rude to the poor bugger on minimum wage at the end of the phone. However if I have had to wake the baby sleeping on my lap, and disturb the toddler who was resting on me listening to his favourite story, I am probably not going to be at my best.

In all probability I will be at best a little gruff, at worst having a full blown meltdown, tears and all on the end of the phone. I will definitely not be interested in reclaiming PPI/buying anything/or changing my mobile tariff. To be honest I don’t understand how it’s even legal for companies to call people on the phone and manipulate them into buying things.

If I want to investigate a purchase I will do so, in my own time and at my own pace. I do not want people to call and annoy me in my home, especially not if they are taking my time away from my children.

That is why I am happy to participate in Bounty’s “don’t call us”campaign against the selling of parents phone numbers to third parties.

*I received a purple Trimphone for participating in this campaign. It is happy and settled in the purple household, and the pixies love it.