It’s very important to me that my family eat good quality, nutritious food and we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In an ideal world I would lovingly prepare a home cooked breakfast for my family every morning. The reality is that our mornings are usually pretty rushed and we give our children a bowl of cereal most mornings as the easy option.

I make sure I choose sugar free, wholewheat cereals where possible so I was happy for the children to taste test a new Ella’s Kitchen breakfast cereal. They tested the Wakey Wakey Round One’s and there are also two types of porridge in the range. They are all 100% organic, GM/sugar/salt/thickener and additive free which is very reassuring. They are priced at £2.19 for a 46g pouch, this is a little pricey for breakfast cereal but unfortunately you do tend to pay more for organic, sugar free type foods.

My children were keen to try them and even though the range is aimed at 12 months plus they are fine for all ages. The boys loved them, and wolfed them down in no time, Wonder Girl was not so keen but she is at a particularly fussy age and has never been particularly keen on breakfast. Overall I would say they were a hit.

*Disclaimer- I was sent two packets of Wakey Wakey Round Ones, a baby bowl and a spoon for the purposes of this review. 

*Super Kid is five, Robo Boy is three and Wonder Girl is 17 months at the time of writing.