I don’t know about you but for me, previously, the only thing that sprang to mind when I heard the name Aunt Bessie’s was Yorkshire puddings. Not that this is a bad thing because Yorkshire puds are bloomin marvellous but I recently discovered they also produce a range of other products.

I was invited to London with a group of other fabulous bloggers to learn some new recipes and discover how Aunt Bessie’s products can help busy families in the kitchen. We were shown how to make a number of dishes and then paired off to prepare our own lunch. Working with Jo from Single Slummy Mummy we prepared a stuffed aubergine which had chestnuts, cheese, bread, herbs, garlic and mixed nuts inside. It was delicious with the Aunt Bessie’s root vegetable mash and roast veggies.

Now I must say usually I aspire to being a perfect domestic goddess producing all my own home cooked food. Obviously whilst doing so I would be perfectly made up, coiffed and sipping elegantly on a glass of white wine. The reality is that more often than not I have half an hour to prepare a meal whilst wrangling a toddler from my leg and separating squabbling brothers. The only resemblance to the aforementioned dream scenario being me swigging from a bottle of red.

This is where pre-prepared foods such as the Aunt Bessie’s range are fantastic. I can prepare from scratch as much or as little of our meal as I have time for and grab some extras that are simple to prepare from the freezer. The range includes frozen gravy, casseroles, stuffing, roast veg, desserts and of course the infamous Yorkshire puddings which Aunt Bessie’s have been making since 1974.

I will finish up this blog with a picture of the pepper grinder at the event’s venue. It had nine bloggers giggling like school girls over it’s shape and size (of course we had been given wine, always a mistake). I though was the only one who posed with it provocatively.