The first few years of being a stay at home mum I found myself stuck in a style rut. I was living in jeans, t-shirts and cardigans. It was practical but boring and didn’t make me feel particularly good. Eventually I decided to do something about my wardrobe, went on a shopping spree and now my clothing gives my day a little lift.

So if you find yourself in a bit of a mummy style slump these are my tips for dressing this winter:

1. Buy pieces that are versatile. The right dress can work with tights and heels for a glam look. Pair it with chunky knit tights and tall boots for smart casual or stick it over some skinnies and pull on a cardigan to wear on the school run.

2.Buy plenty of basics for layering. Layering is fabulous, it looks good, keeps you warm and if you go from outdoors to indoors a lot you can remove a layer easily. I buy vests, long sleeves, and t-shirts and just layer them all together.

3.Invest in a decent pair of jeans. As a busy mum you are probably going to wear jeans, a lot. To be blunt bad jeans can leave you looking like you have a saggy bum and muffin top, don’t do it. Take an honest friend shopping (or order lots of pairs online and decide on the best) and when you find a pair that works buy a couple of pairs.

4.Get a good winter coat. I spend a lot of time walking my children from one activity to another, which means the item in my wardrobe that gets seen the most is my winter coat. Buy something warm, waterproof and fitted, you will look great every day.

5.Finally be yourself. If you were a boho floaty dress kinda girl pre children there is absolutely no reason to suddenly don a twin set. Remember who you were before you got pregnant and stop hiding behind the mum gig. Honestly it will feel great.

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