I consider myself to be a feminist and my marriage a modern marriage. My husband and I share domestic chores and childcare equally. We make decisions jointly and have shaped our lives together. There is one area though that my husband is not involved in, to be honest an area he is fairly useless at, and that is remembering, choosing, and sending greetings cards.

I have tried simply ignoring his relatives impending birthdays in hopes that he will buy and send a card. It doesn’t work, he simply forgets and I feel guilty. So I have taken on the role of chief in charge of birthday, christmas and all other celebratory cards (I do like a fancy title).

So having accepted this role, with its pay structure (zero) and benefits scheme (plasters for paper cuts and free water for envelope licking related dry mouth) I initially made all my own cards. It was fun, creative and the end result was so much more personal than something I could buy. Everyone loved my cards (or if they didn’t they were too polite or scared to say otherwise) and I felt good.

Then I had children, and I now spend time sticking and glueing with them and have no desire to then stick and glue personalised cards also. Add to that the time limitation I now have and I needed to find another solution to making my greetings cards more personal.

An internet search revealed that you can now buy personalised greetings cards. You simply choose a design, click through to the options and change as much or as little of the text (on the front and inside the card) as you want. Then you can choose to send the card directly to the recipient skipping a trip to the post box as well. I think this is a fantastic idea.

I have found these personalised greetings cards by Hallmark and there are a huge choice of designs. I think there really is something for everyone in there, and the only problem is choosing which one to send.

This is a sponsored post.