I have encouraged all my children to enjoy books and there is nothing I enjoy more than snuggling up on the sofa with them all to read a book. So I am always pleased when we are sent books to review. On this occasion we managed to get our hands on a copy of one of the new Myro audiobooks, Myro Arrives In Australia.

Myro is a small red plane (created by Nick Rose) who has adventures and in this particular book he arrives in Australia and makes friends with some Australian planes with whom he has an adventure. The children liked the story a lot, especially since it was very funny. The book is lovely, at the back there is a map and some plane descriptions which my children loved looking at after we had read the story.

Inside the book there is an audio book, narrated by Christopher Biggins. My children enjoyed the CD as much as they enjoyed the book. It is well narrated and there is also some Australian music on the CD which the children enjoyed dancing too.