I didn’t attend Mumsnet Blogfest yesterday but I followed the twitter hashtag with interest. Then this morning I checked out my twitter feed and discovered a hateful, spiteful article, written by the Daily Mail (or Daily Fail as it is often referred to in this house) columnist Liz Jones.

She has written about her experiences as a speaker at Blogfest. She comes away with this view of Mummy bloggers;

“The most revolutionary tool we have – namely, free speech on the internet – has been turned into a giant WI meeting, with women being PAID to sit at home, ignore the child about to toddle into the glass wall that makes kitchen and garden seamlessly as one, and to write about being mothers.”

and this;

“Suddenly, rather than feeling I’m with a group of women who want to change the world, I am in a tangled teepee of virtual knitters, spinning yarns so they can remain inside their cupcake-scented world.”

Ok Liz, lets address this bullshit one issue at a time. Firstly yes ‘free speech’, meaning that I can write about what ever the heck I like, and if I fancy writing about Catherine Kidson flavoured cupcakes which I baked in my 1950’s dress whilst multi tasking with a feather duster then I bloody well will. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, there is no need to be nasty.

Next up my children are not being ignored. I stay at home with my three children, meaning I am caring for them all day from 6am to 7pm, without much respite. I do not ignore them and their safety is always paramount. Then after I put them to bed I work on my blog, very hard, so again no need to be rude.

Finally, if I want to knit (I don’t) or bake, or make paper doilies out of spare newspapers (probably one of yours, best use for it) I will. If I want to change the world I will. I think Caitlin Moran’s point in “How To Be A Woman” is that feminism means that we want to be equal, free to choose our path based on desire not gender. So don’t be rude.

Finally this;

“Women have again been duped into thinking the world exists in their tiny, safe, fragrant homes, that life revolves around burps. 

They might just as well don a burka, and shuffle, so narrow is their vision.”

Is racist and extremely rude. Plus can I point out that since babies are the future of our species life does, somewhat, revolve around burps!