Wonder Girl has started saying her first few words. It’s an adorable stage and makes the hard work of parenting all worth while.

A conversation with Wonder Girl;

Me: Holding a book which I am reading her and pointing to a cow “what is it Wonder Girl?”

Wonder Girl: “Cat”.

Me: “Nearly, it’s a cow, what is it?” pointing again.

Wonder Girl: “Cat” with a suspiciously cheeky, wilful look.

Me: “It’s a cow sweetie, what noise does the cow make?”

Wonder Girl: “Rrrrraaaaaahhhh”.

Me: “That’s a brilliant noise, but a cow says mooo”.

Wonder Girl: “Meeeowww”.

Me: “Um ok, its nearly lunch time, Mummy will make some lunch”.

Wonder Girl: “Cheese” with a strong emphasis on the ch.

Me: “Ok we can have some cheese, Mummy will make a sandwich for you”.

Wonder Girl: Nods head vigorously “cheese”.



*Wonder Girl is 18 months old.