With three children I have spent more time than I would have liked in shoe shops getting feet measured and shoes fitted. I have also spent more money than I would have preferred on shoes, which are quickly outgrown and the cycle starts again.

However I think the alternative is much less pleasant. Without properly fitting shoes in the short term children can end up with blisters and pressure sores. Worse in the long term badly fitted shoes can cause foot deformities and knee and posture problems.

It makes sense to me that the way we stand effects our whole skeleton and so it’s a no brainer that shoes should fit well. Add to that the fact that children’s feet are not fully formed until the late teens and its extra important to buy our children shoes which are properly fitted.

If you visit a reputable shoe shop such as Charles Clinkard your childs feet will be measured by an assistant who has had specialist training in measuring feet and fitting shoes. They know exactly what they are looking for which gives me reassurance in buying my children’s shoes.

Obviously this is a sponsored post but I have to say I genuinely do buy shoes in Charles Clinkard and would recommend them. The thing I really like is the choice of shoes they offer. Unlike some other shoe shops they don’t only sell their own brand shoes. They offer a great selection from many different brands, including some fantastic children’s winter shoes. This means your children will be comfortable and looking good in their new shoes.

*This is a sponsored post.