I’m a very lucky lady as Purple Dad is pretty good at buying me gifts. However I do also usually make it fairly obvious what I really want, and at Christmas I write him a helpful list (controlling me, never.) Don’t misunderstand it’s not that I don’t like surprises, I really do, but I don’t like opening a gift and having to fake appreciation noises whilst wondering whether he kept the receipt.

Yeah yeah I know it’s the thought that counts, it really is, but isn’t it lovely when the thought leads to something that genuinely delights. Thats where askherfriends can come in really handy to find the perfect gift for her.



The basic principle is that your partner can get your friends opinion on what to buy you for a gift. So he visits the website and by answering a number of questions about you he is offered gift suggestions. He then picks some (or he could even think for himself and go crazy in the askherfriends catalogue) and creates an advice gift list.

He can then share that list, via email, Twitter or Facebook, with your friends and ask their advice on what to buy. Your friends vet each idea and hopefully steer him away from the novelty rubber gloves (unless that’s what floats your boat, in which case um ok) and towards the chocolate tree or fabulous handbag. He buys the perfect gift and you shower him with love and affection, everyone is happy.

Whats really fabulous about askherfriends is that they specialise in beautiful, unique products from some lovely partner businesses and boutiques (so you may not be in the right place for novelty rubber gloves!). I found some of my favourites such as joules, Boden and Waterstones on there. So I’m pretty sure most people’s tastes will be covered.

Of course to give an accurate review of the site, a little shopping needed to be done. So Purple Dad went ahead and followed the steps, and I have to admit I was delighted with my gifts. It came down to this final three and the fabulous dress by joules and piping set from Amazon won out.

*Disclaimer, for the purposes of this review I was sent products from askherfriends. My opinions, as always, are my own.