As well as writing my own blog I am an avid reader of blogs too. I love reading blogs, I love hearing people’s stories and it makes me feel connected to the greater world around me. However recently I have also realised that if I’m not careful I could get a bad case of “other peoples life envy!”

Take for example (and I hope I won’t embarrass anyone with a mention) Chris over at Thinly Spread. I have been reading her blog for a long time and it is full of wonderful crafts, cookery and idylic tales of her families life. I picture her frolicking in the woods with her children, then returning home to bake something yummy which her family will eat off her home carved kitchen table. To be honest I am a little in awe.

There is Adele at Circus Queen. She blogs about natural parenting, and her adventures breastfeeding, cloth nappying and babywearing. She writes beautifully and having met her I know she is true to her word.

There are some fabulous thrift bloggers. Jen at The Madhouse, Cass at Frugal Family to name but a few. They could feed, clothe, and entertain their family brilliantly for less than the average person spends on one meal. If I had their skills I might be able to save enough to buy my pixies their own car.

Honestly I am inspired by so many of the blogs that I read it would be impossible to name them all. However sometimes I feel like I have life envy. I read these wonderful blogs and they remind me of what I’m not doing.

I have never made anything beautiful with my hands, no hand made wreaths hang on my door this Christmas, and no hand painted lanterns sit on my mantlepiece. I bake but not with any regularity, and nothing more exciting than fairy cakes and gingerbread biscuits.I watch the pennies but I’m also prone to a sushi dinner splurge or much longed for shoe purchase. I try to parent my children gently but more often than not am to be found screeching at them like a fishwife, as the tales on this blog will attest.

So I read my favourite blogs and I worry, am I getting it wrong? Is my version of family life idylic enough? Will my children need a therapist to deal with a lack of needlework in their formative years?

Obviously I write this post tongue in cheek, and as a great opportunity to introduce you to some of my favourite blogs. I would love to hear what you think though, do you ever get life envy?

Look we do frolic occasionally.