I love being a parent and spending time with my children but every now and then I need time off. Luckily for me I have a wonderful Mother In Law who sometimes takes the children to her house for the day, leaving me in peace. Mostly I use the time to catch up on all my chores, housework, writing work and errands. Occasionally I give myself permission to have a proper day off.

The strange thing is that when I have time to myself I do sometimes struggle to think about how to fill it. I’m so used to being busy with the children, work, and day to day life that I don’t often have to give too much thought to entertaining myself. When do I do get time off though I remember me, the me I was before children and the things I enjoyed when I only had to take care of myself.

If you are struggling to find things to do with your odd day off without children here are my top five ways to enjoy your day off.

1. Have a nice hot bath, fill it up really deep and add some of your favourite bath products.  Soak for as long as you fancy, I like to read a book, and top up with hot water to keep nice and warm.

2. Cook up a storm. I love cooking and baking so I can spend hours in the kitchen and it is really good for my soul. I pop on some music and get baking and soon my mind is peaceful and my house smells great.

3. Visit the cinema, solo, go see exactly what you want to see and enjoy all your popcorn to yourself.

4.Get crafty. I am the first to admit that I am terrible at crafts but I do believe everyone has a craft in them. For me it’s making cards, I can sit for ages making home made cards and then I have a stash ready whenever I need one. Whatever your craft is, get stuck in.

5. Have fun online. I spend time blogging and on the popular social media networks chatting with my online friends. Other people enjoy playing games, like bingo at www.goldenbingo.co.uk. Whatever you enjoy doing, it is easy to lose yourself in the internet.

So there you have my top five ways to enjoy your day off.