Christmas can be a wonderful, relaxing, fun time of the year. When friends and family gather together to enjoy food and share a good time. It can also be stressful and hard work for those of us in charge of organising the festivities. These are my top five tips to help you forget the stress and focus on the fun. Have a fabulous Christmas.

Top five tips for enjoying Christmas;

  • Don’t do anything because you feel like you aught. If you enjoy crafting then knock yourself out with home made wreaths and wrapping paper. If you don’t then buy your decorations and hold your head up high.
  • Keep the food preparation simple. Christmas should be a rest, for everyone. So pre prepare as much as you can and keep it simple, if you don’t want to deal with cooking a turkey on Christmas day, then don’t. There are no rules, for our family Christmas lunch won’t be any more complicated than our usual roast dinner.
  • Ask for help. Make sure the whole family is getting stuck in with cooking, cleaning and childcare.
  • Try to keep the peace. If there are any contentious topics within the family avoid them, find the positives in the people you may only see this time of year and spread the love.
  • Appreciate and enjoy. Remember to appreciate all the things you have in your life and sit back and enjoy this time with your loved ones.

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