The Perfect Elf?

In Santa’s workshop there are all manner of elven positions

Something to suit a variety of elf dispositions.

For the nimble fingered the ideal job is making the toys.

While the sprightly (who tread lightly) check in on the good/bad girls and boys.

The mechanical whizzes can maintain the sleigh.

The animal lovers give the reindeers their magical hay (it’s what makes them fly you know!)

There is even an elven gymnastic team.

Though they rarely compete, which explains why they aren’t often seen.

At the North Pole there are elves of all sizes and shapes.

All of them perfect for the roles they undertake.

So the perfect elf is the one willing to give their best.

That quality Santa rates above all the rest.

Elf family


This is my entry for the Tots 100/Centre Parcs competition. I don’t often enter competitions but with my affinity with pixies, elves and all manner of magical creatures I decided this one was right up my street. Wish me luck.