I know, not the most sexy blog post title in the world is it, sorry. However since most people (except those fortunate enough to have someone else doing it for them) have to clean I figured I could pass on my tips for making cleaning easy.

Visitors to the Purple residence often comment upon the clean and tidy state of my house, remarking that it seems impossible that a house with three children in it would be so. I admit I am a teensy weensy bit OCD about things being in the right places, and rugs being flat (a crumpled rug makes me break out in a cold sweat, hmmm, issues me?) It is true in fact that I could possibly allow a little more mess into my life.

For those of you not struggling a compulsion to tidy cupboards and organise DVDs I bring you my tips for making cleaning easy.

 Make a cleaning schedule. 

Write down all the cleaning jobs you think your home needs. Then revisit the list labelling each job as daily, weekly, fortnightly and occasionally. Then write yourself a cleaning schedule. To give you an example here is mine

Daily – dishwasher/washing up/clean sink/sweep/clean dining table, chairs and kitchen worktops/laundry/tidy up toys.

Weekly- hoover x 2/clean bathroom/clean leather sofa/mop floors/change towels.

Fortnightly – change bedclothes (next due..)

Occasional – clean- fridge/oven, deep clean – kitchen/dining room/living room/halls/x3 bedrooms/windows.

I’m not obsessive (honest), you won’t find me on a ladder dusting away cobwebs, but this amount of cleaning keeps my house looking respectably clean and tidy. Pin the cleaning schedule on your fridge and keep at it. Don’t stress if you miss a job, the beauty is that if you are generally on top of things it won’t make too much difference.

Tidy as you go.

If you tidy as you go then it’s always a quick job because mess never build up. So tidy up the breakfast things after breakfast, put away your clothes at night when you get changed for bed etc. It only takes a minute and you will never have to spend hours tidying up.


The exception to the tidy as you go rule. Tidy once at the end of the day with the children’s help. It is important that children can play imaginatively and being too tidy can hinder that. Also getting them involved is important or they will not learn to do it for themselves. If the toys bother you try to remember that the time that children play with toys is short and you will probably miss them when they are gone.

Avoid Clutter.

I reckon the old saying about only keeping things that are beautiful or useful is a good one. I think that if you organise your home this way you will find it much easier to keep it clean and tidy. If you have a tendency towards hoarding then start small, declutter one draw or one cupboard a week until you have your house in order.washing maching