I have been blogging at Purplemum for nearly 18 months. When I started my blog was like a new lover, attractive, funny, and absolutely perfect. In fact like most new bloggers I ambitiously imagined that if I worked my ass off, writing lots of fantastic content (no problem) then in no time at all my stats would be through the roof and I would be the next Heather Armstrong!

Oddly that didn’t happen and my once attractive new partner has become a bit of an effort and I still don’t have a ring to show for it. I have spent hours on this blog, writing, promoting, tweaking. Yes my stats have increased, marginally, and now it’s not just my Mum reading. My social media following has grown, a bit, but not really at any where near the rate that my contemporaries seem to have done. But honestly for all the time and effort I don’t seem to have achieved a huge amount in terms of being read, which is really what I’m writing for. I reached a crux point last night and I have to admit I shed a few tears wondering what to do.

So I reassess my motivation, and my goals. I’m obviously not going to be an overnight blogging success. Blogging has exploded and there are a gazillion blogs out there, it’s not easy to stand out. I don’t have time or desire to replace my real life with a social media presence on every platform going. I am not a craft blog, beauty blog or a dedicated food blog bringing readers in with my patterns, recipes or mascara reviews. I am simply meandering along sharing my thoughts and (hopefully) giving you an honest insight into my life.

Perhaps instead I should be aiming for a slow and steady tortoise type approach. My stats will slowly increase, my social media following will creep up and eventually I will have a reasonable audience to share my writing with. This brings me a new concern, my title and genre. I’m happy being a ‘Mummy Blogger’, I’m writing about what I know and right now that’s it. But I’m aware that my children are growing fast and what then? Having spent years building this baby, and with it an audience will I have to start again and rename/rebrand?

I want my blog to be able to evolve with me, and my life. Will Purplemum still be ok when my children are all left home? So I need some advice, should I rename my blog? I would probably go with Purple Ella as I can’t see my passion for purple changing. I’d rather not have to change as it means (I presume) starting again with subscribers, regular visitors, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google plus. Will I outgrow my Mummy title, what happens to the Mummy Blogger when her children grow up? Help me, I’m in a quandary.

What to do?

What to do?