My Granny worked for a time as a seamstress and is fantastic at knitting and sewing. When I was little she knit me jumpers and made me soft toys. I bet I was the only girl in The Black Country with a bespoke knitted David Bowie jumper. For sure my favourite teddy was the only teddy in Dudley with his own hand sewn dinner suit and top hat.

She looked after me a lot when I was younger and she tried to teach me to sew. She failed as I was and still am useless at all things crafty. Over the years I have tried again several times. There was the knitting phase which lasted around three months and ended with a jumper with holes and an odd neckline.Then there was the bunting that I made in hospital, dubbed my mental health bunting it looked nice when I was so unwell I could barely think straight but as soon as the benzoate’s wore off I understood why Purpledad had begged me to take it down.

So I had all but given up on being a crafter until Jen from Mum In The Madhouse stepped in. I had been admiring the crafts she showed on her blog and bemoaning my lack of skills when she offered to help me out. So begins the crap crafter challenge. She will be sending me little packages of crafty loveliness and will post ideas on her blog for me to try.  The kids and I will give them a go, and we will see if this crap crafter can be saved.

This month we were going with a valentines theme and here is what the kids and I made;

Button Hearts.





Jam Jar  Valentine Candle Holders.valentines tea light holder


The children made these with my supervision and guidance, and I think they did a brilliant job. Not only that but we had a lovely cozy time all sat together crafting with even little Wonder Girl joining in. I don’t think I will ever be someone who makes beautiful things on her own but seeing the pride on my children’s faces as they showed off their creations makes me keen to continue crafting with them.