I am constantly surprised that I have three children. This probably sounds pretty odd, after all I gave birth to them and have been surrounded by their ever growing number for the last six years. Regardless I often find myself at the dinner table, for example, looking at their three little faces thinking how the hell did I end up with three children? How on earth did someone as utterly irresponsible as me end up responsible for three small peoples wellbeing?

Before you all start giving me the facts about human reproduction I’m aware of the rudiments of how I ended up with them. More what higher power/fate/evolutionary slant would consider me a good candidate for being blessed with three wonderful children. I’m prone to being self critical (as you may have noticed) and I wonder how such a bloody marvellous thing could happen to me.

That said there is one thing I could do without in this cozy little scenario. One thing that constantly interrupts my ‘wholesome family who go yomping in the countryside and bake their own bread’ daydream. One thing that makes me want to stuff my ears with cotton wool and retreat into a dark cupboard for a few hours me time. The thing driving me entirely bonkers at the moment, my two boy’s near constant squabbling.

Squabbling is such a nice word isn’t it, like discombobulating (not sure what it means though) and cumberland. Rolls off the tongue nicely and sounds comforting and warm. It doesn’t really accurately describe the shouting, head butting, name calling, wrestling, mangle that the boys become within milliseconds of being left alone together.

Joking aside I am entirely sick of it. Time to put coats and shoes on for school ? No time to wrestle. Time to play upstairs? No time to bash each other up and sob uncontrollably about how much pain the other has caused. Time to watch TV? No time to steal each others sofa cushions and call each other bum face. Honestly, it’s driving me crazy! Goodness knows what I’ll do when their (at the moment much beloved) sister joins in.

So I call on you oh wise Purplemum readers (although I guess that statement is questionable on account of you reading my ramblings). I need solutions and fast. How do I deal with the fighting when it happens and how do I help them manage their relationship better so it happens less? Leave me a comment and save my pixies from their headaches.

sibling squabbles