It’s a hard job testing and reviewing cake but somebody has to do it! When Baker Days got in touch and asked me to test one of their letterbox cakes it didn’t take long to reply with an “ooh yes please”.

The concept is, in my opinion, brilliant. A cake that you can send as a gift, which fits through the letterbox, meaning no problems with delivery. Add to that that you can choose the design (from chosen pictures, text or even a personal photo) and the flavour. I really think this company is onto a winner. Plus at £14.99 it’s significantly cheaper than the usual choice of sending flowers.

My cake arrived, as promised, with the usual post. It is packaged well in a lovely little tin and a box. It really was a pleasure to receive cake through the post but as a cake snob I was a little sceptical about whether the taste would be as nice as the appearance.

baker days cake


I ordered the double chocolate chip cake and it was moist and chocolatey. It was a nice cake, and much better than most shop bought cakes. My only complaint is that we felt it was a little light on the chocolate chips, as we only found about one per slice. That being said I would probably order a different flavour next time.

Overall I think this a great concept and product, I’m sure I will order from Baker Days again in the future.

*Disclaimer; I received this cake free for the purposes of the review. My opinions are my own.