Frankie and Bennies

No more of this for us.

As regular readers will know I am a keen budgeter. I stretch our families income to the max  and save our pennies whenever I can. However there is one area where I have been less careful, my money saving achilles heel. I love eating out! Eating out is my favourite treat , it always cheers me up. A choice of delicious foods,  then someone else cooks and washes up, lovely.

However what’s not so lovely is the amount this habit is costing my family. Yesterday I went through my receipts for last month and worked out how much we spent eating out and I was shocked. Basically if we cut down our eating out every month we would save a substantial amount of money in a year. It’s easy to do, a takeaway here, a cafe lunch there and a family pub lunch at the weekend soon add up.

So my challenge to myself, and to any of my readers with the same love of lunching, is to cut down on eating out. I have the figure I spent last month and I would like to halve it this month. I will be making a note of any meals out and takeaways and will keep a running total to keep us in check.

I think the key to keeping us motivated will be to make lots of nice food at home so we don’t get bored and yearn for a treat meal. I plan on trying out some home made puddings as we all love puddings. I will also be buying the occasional pre-made pizza because it’s a still a lot cheaper than our takeaway treat and gives me a night off cooking. So whatever your usual restaurant or takeaway treat think about how you can recreate it at home because you can be sure it will cost you less.

Perhaps you’re reading this thinking about how well you already do in this area, if so share your tips I need them. If not and you also struggle with the temptation of the local Indian takeaway or pizza restaurant then join me and lets make February a cheaper month.