Robo Boy is delightful, cheeky, funny and a massive personality. One thing though, he never listens! Most children have somewhat selective hearing, as in they will always hear “who wants chocolate ice-cream” yet they never hear “put your shoes on ready for school”. Why is that? I fancy trying it on for size, for example I would always hear “would you like another gin and tonic”, and I would never hear “Mum I need someone to wipe my bottom” yelled down the stairs as I attempt to drink a cup of tea.

Anyway Robo Boy is particularly bad at listening. I think it’s partly because he has so much to say, an unbelievable monologue of his every thought comes out of his mouth in a constant stream all day long. It goes a little something like this ..

“My scooter has a new bell, it’s great, it’s green, it goes ting ting, I can ring it and people move out of the way, on the pavement, they move to the other side of the pavement, I mean when i’m scooting to Super Kid’s school, they move and I can go past, I scoot really fast past and I go wizzzzz, it’s amazing, after that we go to preschool, my friend Alfie is at preschool, I love Alfie, Donna at preschool is so funny, she does the crisp test and we laugh….”

and on and on. You will notice no full stops, there are none, at any point in the day. So clearly there is no time for listening in all that. Clearly there is no time in his fascinating insightful chatter to do something I ask of him, the first, or even second or third time of asking. In fact as I sit here typing I think I hear him sat in the bathroom talking to himself about wiping his bottom!